Posted on Apr 23, 2019

Business Law Group

Contracts - More on What they Are

Contracts are legally binding agreements, they usually pervade almost each aspect of our private and business lives. Pursuant to Kansas law, duress is outlined as imprisonment, threats, or different acts by which the free will of a celebration is restrained and his or her consent induced. For instance, what if a salesperson has "pressured" you into signing a contract to purchase a bike? Could you get out of the contract? Maybe, but when you took the bike home and used it, most likely not. Your use of the bike would reinforce your acceptance of the contract.

If you're attempting to draft a kind contract for your business, it will be in your finest interest to have a business legal professional look over the finished draft. A business attorney can provide feedback as to provisions that can protect each the client and seller and be certain that any disputes over contract agreements remain out of court docket.
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